Taken at -20. Not bad!

December - last 6 months review

With the year coming to a close, I am reminded for 2 things. One we are just a week shy of being here 6 months; and two, I have been really bad about posting regularly. My New Years Resolution, journaling...We shall see how it goes.

Well with this winter weather (1* today, yeah it was in the negatives earlier - Fairbanks is -40 today) I am going to make it my mission to keep you updated. Summer time we are outside enjoying the weather and traveling (day trips), so it is hit or miss. Paul has walked the boys to school once..COLDDDD! The sun is starting to come up over the horizon around 9/9:30, but really rises around 10:00 and it starts getting dark around 4:00, by 4:45 it is dark, so about 6 hours of daylight. December 21, we have been told, is the shortest day. I'll have to let you know. It is a challenge to get the kids inside for dinner. Even though it is cold, the snow is so much fun to built forts, igloos, bumps for sledding over. We have stairs going down from our deck, it is now a sledding slope...with bumps at the bottom. Coming in to warm up is something we are trying to remind ourselves. Frost nip and frostbite are so easy to develop if not careful. Can you guess which of the kids has had frost nip??? You guessed it, Simon. Bless his heart.

A couple weeks ago, the boys were talking about what happens when you lick something metal...this is the talk on the playground. School nurse has her work cut out for her. So on the way to school we talked about what happens when you lick metal in the wintertime. That night while I was cooking dinner, the boys were playing outside...I heard someone screaming. Which child licked a metal pole??? You guessed it, Simon. Bless his heart.

Paul had to work on Halloween, so I took the kids door to door. The boys were Ninjas, The girls were a pony and a care bear (full body costume are warmer). The exciting thing was the 3 Moose that were out and about..and the police trying to scar them away plus keep kids safe. Thanksgiving is usually bustling with family. This year we spent the day with another trooper family that Paul trained with and moved here at the same time. It snowed and snowed, so after a wonderful dinner, sledding was a must. They live in the woods, so going in between trees was thrilling for the kids. Driving home in the dark and ice with moose and no Paul (he had to work that night) was not as thrilling.

I have been developing some wonderful friendships. I need all the help and pointers I can get come summer and fishing season and next fall, hunting season. Fishing, Hunting, Gardening.. living off the land the good Lord created, is what people do. Canning and freezing are what most people do. I do have access to buying wheat. Lots of people make their own bread too. Researching which vegetables and fruits grow best and trying new recipes for halibut and salmon, have become my favorite past time. We have found that most people here, live simply and self-sufficiently. We desire to raise our children in that way. To train the boys to catch a fish, fillet it, clean it, prepare and cook it, then to sit down and enjoy eating it... To harvest a garden and enjoy the bounty through out the year....

Paul is loving his job. Search and rescues are a lot more exciting here, bears and moose in yards and roads have replaced cows and horses, also more exciting. We are seeing moose almost on a regular basis...we never tire of it. Amazing creatures, including the one's that poop in our yard and stand ground in our driveway. A calf slept in our back yard last week for 6 hours. The time here has flow by. We truly love it here.

From our family to yours, Merry Christmas!

The Secor's

Nov. 2010 continue 5

Nov. 2010 continue 4

I love taking picture of the snow and ice on the pine trees, on anything really.

Nov. 2010 continue 3

November 2010 continued

Paul was shoveling snow, when the mother of this calf came up behind him,scaring him. We enjoyed watching the mother and both calves gather and standing on hind legs to reach the berries in our neighbors tree. Because she had her babies with her, she could be more alert to possible threats, so we kept our distance. They can and will stomp on you if threatened.

November 2010

This is just after 2 days of snow. It is absolutely beautiful. I think there is about 8-10 inches. Paul shovels the snow, by the time he is done, the driveway is covered again. So the boys have a new chore. They don't complain about it. They are hard workers.....play hard too. They are out in the snow playing...in mean, working... about 2-3+ hours every night. We know it is going to be a long winter (snow until mid-April), so we will see how long they enjoy shoveling snow. Some of these pictures are of Kenai or on our way into Kenai.

October 2010

I think since I last posted: the boys started school, Paul's schedule has changed shifts a couple time and about to change again, We have taken a couple road trips, got connected in a church, and anticipating snow and wildlife sightings. The boys are enjoying school and Awana.

Where we live is a "small" town so some of their friends attend both. Hunter just started Cub Scouts and is excited about what they have planned in the way of camping, ice fishing, and all the other activities. Paul is loving his job. Something new everyday. The bear and moose encounters are definitely a new experience from the horse and cow encounters he had before. The search and rescues are an on the job opportunity to hike in the beautiful mountains.

We have taken a couple of day road trips. We have been to Anchorage a couple of times. With the long drive, staying over night would be ideal, but with every ones schedules, has not been possible. Which is fine, we are together having a good time. Between all of us, we have seen mountain goats, moose, beluga whales, and bears. Not to mention, beautiful breathtaking views and I think at least 3 glaciers. Paul and I enjoy looking up the mountains and discuss which ones would "hold" avalanches. Lack of trees is definitely a good sign.

The days are getting shorter and colder. We, especially the boys, are anticipating the snow. We have heard that it is snowing or has snowed in other cities, just not here yet. Locals are telling us, any day now. We are getting ourselves ready.

We saw a brownie (brown bear) trying to catch fish on the Kenai River. But for the most part, Paul says the bears are starting to head up the mountains to hibernate. When the snow comes, we should be seeing more moose, lack of vegetation in the woods. We have been seeing a couple of moose daily, the past couple days. Just yesterday I told the boys to look around when they head outside, not to spook one. They have seen them, one in particular, in our yard a couple of times. No more than half an hour after the boys and I talked about the moose, Simon headed outside and there he was, our visitor. We enjoy seeing all that Alaska has to offer.