Taken at -20. Not bad!

Nov. 2010 continue 5

Nov. 2010 continue 4

I love taking picture of the snow and ice on the pine trees, on anything really.

Nov. 2010 continue 3

November 2010 continued

Paul was shoveling snow, when the mother of this calf came up behind him,scaring him. We enjoyed watching the mother and both calves gather and standing on hind legs to reach the berries in our neighbors tree. Because she had her babies with her, she could be more alert to possible threats, so we kept our distance. They can and will stomp on you if threatened.

November 2010

This is just after 2 days of snow. It is absolutely beautiful. I think there is about 8-10 inches. Paul shovels the snow, by the time he is done, the driveway is covered again. So the boys have a new chore. They don't complain about it. They are hard workers.....play hard too. They are out in the snow playing...in mean, working... about 2-3+ hours every night. We know it is going to be a long winter (snow until mid-April), so we will see how long they enjoy shoveling snow. Some of these pictures are of Kenai or on our way into Kenai.