Taken at -20. Not bad!

Oct. 2011 Simon playing basketball

Simon is #4.  He is ALL ENERGY, when it comes to sports.  He loves to play basketball, baseball, and football.  I don't think he wants to do ice skating this year.   Which is fine.  I am glad he tried it and liked it though.  Hunter doesn't start basketball until January.  They are both doing Cub Scouts now.

Home Updates 10-2011

 We replaced our appliances!! Yeah, it was really needed.  The dish washer stopped working 3 days before the new one was delivered.  The suction on the refrigerator door was ..not working well.  Just shutting one door usually popped the other door open.  The stove, well it won't be delivered until the week after Thanksgiving :(.  One burner has stopped working,  the others work when they feel like it.  Most of the time we have to light it with a match.

We knew the day was near to replacing the appliances when we bought the house.  We got a great deal on the house and other houses in the area that were similar were selling for $20-30K more.  So we felt we could update without going over "sticker prices" in the area.
In know nice mess, I have to have notes and a calendar close by on a daily basis.  The front of the refrigerator isn't magnetic. 

The bathroom is just about done!!  We still have the door jam and door to get up.  Still to do, the trim in the whole house.  The trim is wood in some areas and plastic in others.  WHY???  and different in some rooms.  You would think it would have been easier to just get the same thing??  Anyway, a work in progress.  The floor and vanity are new due to water damage.  The hardwood floors through out the rest of the house are the big project on our list.

OCT (2) 2011

It has been a busy couple of weeks.  After we bid farewell to visiting family and friends, Paul has finally finished the 2nd bathroom.  Minus the mirror and door trim... we have another fully functioning bathroom. Bless those who only have a single porcelain throne with a family our size.  I will try to get a picture up soon.

We have also added to our energized family... because we like a challenge.. that's why!  With a lot of consideration, we adopted 2 kittens in the past week, Sophie and Max are 8 weeks old and so entertaining to watch.  We got Sophie first to see how the kids adapted and the boys allergies did.  All was well, so we adopted Max a few days later.  They are much loved cats.  Sophie is grey, orange and white.  Max is black and white.  He is so calm and relaxed...compared to Sophie.  Sophie loves to play.



Oct. 2011

Today we went to the Wildlife Conservation, one of our favorite places to see the wildlife...safely.

On our way there, it rained buckets. Then it snowed hard in just one area, from Cooper Landing to Hope.

Kodiak (4) 2011

Kodiak (3) 2011

We had a great time in Kodiak. Looking down on the town were these wind turbans. We had a great time exploring and nabbing some great pictures on the top of the mountain. Our first full day was cloudy, overcast, and light rain. But it just gave us a reason to explore in the car. We drove to the other side of the mountain and explored the beaches and Launch complex (pictures in next post). We also explored a beach and into the woods. Of course with this being Alaska and in Kodiak nonetheless, Paul brought "protection". The mossy forest floor is in the rain forest part of the island. It was beautiful. Cold, but beautiful!! Would you believe that we did not see any bears??