Taken at -20. Not bad!

July 2013 Continued

Max watching the ducks.

 We couldn't take the heat any longer!! We went (the kids) went swimming in the Kuskukwim River.  It was crowded!

 We saw 2 float planes land and take off.  The kids loved it!



These kids dug a mud hole and climbed in.  GROSS!


                                             Lots of fun and saw lots of friends!

July 2013

Pop and Kaki came for a visit!  The weather came with them and left with them.  It was so HOT!

Climbing the rock wall at the Commons.

Bike riding at the bike park

Swimming at the water pit!  The Mosquitoes were getting us through our clothes!


Crossing the boardwalk over the slough

 Fish camps.  People go to fish camp sometimes for weeks.  They just find a spot and claim it.  It really gets trashed
Out on the Kuskukwim River

Goodbye, Pop and Kaki!  We will miss you!

Grizzly and Max plotting their escape!

Olivia wearing the skirt I made for her.
Transporting a plane.
Olivia cut her hair, mullet style. So I found someone who could help her clean up the cut.

July 4th Parade. 


Paul and the boys tossing out candy.