Taken at -20. Not bad!

May 31, 2013

All 4 kids are playing Little League this year.  The girls are on the same T-Ball team.  The boys are in the Minors, Dodges.  This is a step down for them. :( They did kid pitch last summer, but because we don't have that many team (4), the kids are on the minors.  It's good for them.  They are doing great.  This is the t-shirt I was selling for the team.

This was Abby's last day of school.  Ms. Cuvieler was here teacher, she was great.  Abby is beginning to read!

This is her best friend Faith.

Boys had a sleep over.  What a night that was!!

Abby and Olivia's buddy, Keira.  She lives in out building 2 doors down.

The Memorial Day air show.  

This is Sgt. Acton with the Alaska State Troopers showing off our state plane.

Some of these planes dated back to WW II.

The snow is melting, the water is high!

Very Pretty

Starting to see grass, you can't begin to imagine how exciting that is.  We have seen snow for 7 months.

The slough next to our unit.

Slut, not sand or dirt.  Slit, very fine...

Grizzly, our pup

The building on top of my shadow is our unit, we are on the far left end.

The compound

The buildin g with blue doors, our storage sheds.

A picture from the Commons, our social gathering building and workout building, complete with a rockwall for the kids.

The barges.

The Kuskukwim breaking up.

Gun and Party stop.  Your one stop shopping!

Store shelves are empty, no kidding.  They are waiting for the barges to come, shipping prices for them are cheaper than flying stuff in.

A canoe ride on the slough.  The depth of the water did not last :(

Abby coloring with our neighbor, Hanna, on the front porch.

The playground on the compound.

Break-Up Bash!!  The river broke up at 7:35 p.m last night.  Free food and music.  

We rode our bikes to the river bash.

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