Taken at -20. Not bad!

Feb./March 2012

These are some random pictures from the past 2 months.  The boys have enjoyed their cross country skiing lessons and Paul and I have enjoyed accompanying them on the trails.  In February, we have the Peninsula Winter Games, including ice sculpture contests.  We tried to get pictures with a lot of these amazing sculptures.  Yes, Hunter is wearing shorts and coat, and it is 35 degrees.  Natural lessons are the best learned... all I am going to say about that wonderful boy.  Love his drive for learning. Ha Ha!

Deep snow steps to get the mail.

Snow tunnel, Paul and the boys made to shorten their path to school.

We never get tired of seeing moose.

Is he having fun? Or is he stuck to the ice??

What a blast!!  So blessed that we have the privilege to do this in our yard everyday.... not that we do.

These 2 calfs, laying outside Fred Meyer.  I wonder if their momma was killed, very rare to see babies away from their mom.  Sals, momma moose, are NEVER far from babies, VERY protective!!

This was me driving through Cooper Landing with a friend (second week in March).  Girls day in Anchorage!!  The weather wasn't much better the rest of the 2 hours driving.  It was not snowing in Soldotna when we left.

Pretty woods on a sunny day.