Taken at -20. Not bad!

February 2011 (4)

This afternoon, was really pretty to see, from inside that is. This huge "Bull" was in the yard behind our house and the snow was really coming down. It was so pretty. The bull seemed to block out the barking from neighbors dogs to enjoy his lunch. They, the moose, really have no fear. You can yell at them or honk at them and for the most part, they just look at you. They are fascinating to watch, especially if they have calves with them. The other night Paul worked an accident involving 2 vehicles, in which, 2 claves lost their lives. So sad. It is one thing to hunt them and another when they are killed by drivers. Though a good number of drivers have been killed by them too. They are so tall that if a car were to hit one, it would likely take out its legs and the body would go through the winshield. I've seen pictures, for someone to walk away from something like that is an act of God, truely. Moose are tall, thick structure, and massive, but amazing creatures.

February 2011 (3)

Simon in the lap of an ice Polar Bear

Simon racing down an ice slide

Abby down the ice slide

February 2011 (2)

Hunter "riding" an ice salmon.
Ice Polar Bear

Simon in Ice

February 2011

Hunter standing in ice.
Moose up close

Bush Plane

Abby ice fishing