Taken at -20. Not bad!

October 2010

I think since I last posted: the boys started school, Paul's schedule has changed shifts a couple time and about to change again, We have taken a couple road trips, got connected in a church, and anticipating snow and wildlife sightings. The boys are enjoying school and Awana.

Where we live is a "small" town so some of their friends attend both. Hunter just started Cub Scouts and is excited about what they have planned in the way of camping, ice fishing, and all the other activities. Paul is loving his job. Something new everyday. The bear and moose encounters are definitely a new experience from the horse and cow encounters he had before. The search and rescues are an on the job opportunity to hike in the beautiful mountains.

We have taken a couple of day road trips. We have been to Anchorage a couple of times. With the long drive, staying over night would be ideal, but with every ones schedules, has not been possible. Which is fine, we are together having a good time. Between all of us, we have seen mountain goats, moose, beluga whales, and bears. Not to mention, beautiful breathtaking views and I think at least 3 glaciers. Paul and I enjoy looking up the mountains and discuss which ones would "hold" avalanches. Lack of trees is definitely a good sign.

The days are getting shorter and colder. We, especially the boys, are anticipating the snow. We have heard that it is snowing or has snowed in other cities, just not here yet. Locals are telling us, any day now. We are getting ourselves ready.

We saw a brownie (brown bear) trying to catch fish on the Kenai River. But for the most part, Paul says the bears are starting to head up the mountains to hibernate. When the snow comes, we should be seeing more moose, lack of vegetation in the woods. We have been seeing a couple of moose daily, the past couple days. Just yesterday I told the boys to look around when they head outside, not to spook one. They have seen them, one in particular, in our yard a couple of times. No more than half an hour after the boys and I talked about the moose, Simon headed outside and there he was, our visitor. We enjoy seeing all that Alaska has to offer.