Taken at -20. Not bad!

Changes in the kids 2012

In Homer, August 2010.  Hunter 6, Simon 5, Abby 3, Olivia 23 months. 


Christmas 2010

October 2011

  September 2012.  Hunter 9, Simon 7, Abby 5, Olivia 4
I can't believe how much they have changed!  I see the most physical change in Olivia (of course) and Simon...

September 2012 End of Summer photos

Hunter (9, 4th grade), Simon (7, 2nd grade), Abigail (5, K), Olivia (4, Pre-K)
(Not sure if Simon is tickling Olivia under the arm or not???)

August 2012 Busy Busy!!

Hunter has been begging to play football.  This is his team, 35 8 and 9 year old, and 1 girl player.  YOU GO GIRL!!  Hunter is number 61, see below...  3 Days a week, he walks to practice on the field behind our house.  Simon loves to go and cheer him on.

HAPPY 4TH BIRTHDAY, OLIVIA!!!! She loves all things Dora!


   Hunter started 4th.  Hunter is playing intramural sports at spool.  Football is over at the end of September.  Simon started 2nd.  Simon starts basketball in the next couple weeks.  He dominates the court!!  Both will be doing Cub Scouts throughout the year.  The boys love to build things.  Hunter made a sling shot and Simon made a bow and arrow.  They did this just because they wanting to... out of limbs in the woods across the street.

Abby started Kindergarten and Olivia started Pre-K.  The girls love playing and riding bikes.  Olivia started riding a 2 wheeler around the end of July.

July & August 2012 Adventures

  These are Red Salmon spawning.  They are swimming UP stream.  They lay their eggs, then die.  I am in total awe of this process.  It was really amazing seeing them swim up stream.  Sometimes they would drift back, then do a 180 turn.  They are also not this red when we catch them, see previous fish processing post.  They turn this bright red just before they die.  Their face structure changes to... isn't that amazing??  Or is it just me...??

This is Portage Glacier.  We took a little cruise up to the glacier.  There are 7 glacier is this area, just 2 hours from our home.  We were able to hear it calving, that means creaking and moving.  Some "small" pieces fell in the water.  AMAZING to see and hear!

It is the way the sun light hits the ice, that gives it the blue appearance.

Dad and Cathy joined us for an adventure.

We when to Talkeetna.  We stayed here at a little cabin for a few days and visited the town and made a trip into Denai.  The major of Talkeetna is a cat!  I am not joking, it is true!

Overcast and cloudy.

Forrest fresh blueberries!  We did a 3 mile hike around Lakes X, Y, and Z.  Really, those were their names!  I think the town was having a naming contest or something...

Where there are berries, there is sure to be bears... nope didn't see any... because we had 4 loud noise makers, of course.

Have to pack all the gear: WATER, camera, BUG REPELLENT, GUN.....  the mosquitoes, white sox, and no sems were horrible!!!

Hunter did more berry picking than anybody.

Behind the cloud in the center is Mt. McKinley.  Beautiful sunset!

Fireweed.  Our state flower.  When it is completely bloomed, it means summer is ending.  You can make wonderful tasting honey from this flower.  It is all along the highway, people will stop and pick tons of it.

These are the cabins where we stayed, LOVED it!!

Mt. McKinley

At Denali National Park!

This caribou was probably about 50 feet from us!  HUGE!!

We did some hiking!  Great trail, sure would like to finish it sometime.....


This is Russian River Falls.  A 5.5 mile trail round trip.  We loved it, Nicely groomed trail, others we have been on, aren't.

See the Salmon jumping up stream??  In the Left picture, there is 1.  In the picture below, there are 3.

When we got back to the van.  Paul, the kids and I left, so EXHAUSTED!  Dad and Cathy took a path near the parking lot to spot a fishing sight.  No more than 5 minutes after getting there, this 300-400 pound bear came out of the woods!  Boy, what we would have done to see it up close like they did!!!  Isn't it cute??  It just looked around and went fishing.