Taken at -20. Not bad!

March 2013 - 2

I am having so much fun making these kuspuks (pronounced: chz-pick) (native attire) for the Camai (pronounced: cha-my) dance festival.  Abby is wearing her kuspuk while her class dances and sings in the festival.  She will be singing in Yupik (native dialect) (pronounced: u-pick).  In children's sizes, these generally sell for $40-50.00.  Simon and Olivia have already picked out fabric for theirs.  Olivia picked out Dora and Simon picked out Bears (not Chicago Bears).

Yes, Rick Rack is in style here (only on kuspuks)!



March 2013

Getting ready to go snow machining!
Sledding at 20 MPH is awesome!!

Our first fresh produce order from Full Circle (out of Washington).  It was was delicious!

Abby's snow mellow!

    Fun playing under the house!

        Snow machining on the tundra.  Clear day, BEAUTIFUL and COLD!  You could see the mountains in the distance.

February 2013

    OOverlooking the slough.  This is all water in the summer, so I am told.

This is Grizzly, our Bethel Special.  There are a lot of stray dogs around here.  We were headed into the bank and he was sitting by the door.  We are not sure what type of dog he is.  There is no regular vet here.  There is a clinic one week a month, that a vet comes in to take care of animals.  There isn't even a shelter here, there is a rescue that flies the dogs out to Anchorage for a good chance to be adopted.  Grizzly was about 2 months old when the kids found him shivering and starving.

Simon enjoying time outside. Building forts and sledding is enjoyed, even in -40 temps.  Below:  an abandoned boat in the slough.

Above:  Hunter and Simon enjoying a snow machine ride from a neighbor.

 Left:  A family having fun with a dog sled out on the river.

Below:  Driving on the rive

River view of the Bentley B & B.