Taken at -20. Not bad!

January 2013

Above:  See the ice forming around the door?
Left:  This is a picture of our building and our unit.

We are driving on the Kuskokwim River, our ice road.

Some Random pictures:
Paul's Post
Alaska Airlines (if any question)

Above:  3 person snow machine for sale at our grocery store, Simon picked one out!!  
See all the outlets??  To plug your vehicle in of course!!

Can you see the hidden boat, above?  There is a lot of this.  Abandoned boats.  Yes, that's right, gas is $7.06.  .... We are always looking for survival methods....  Our bedroom, not very big.  I am lucky if I don't get a bruise walking by the bed... seriously..

The handcuff bench at Post

The Bentley B & B

We celebrated Simon's Birthday (the Avengers, Incredible Hunk) January 6th and Paul's on the 20th.  My wonderful neighbor made these cakes for me.  This is her hobby.  I think I know where I will be getting our cakes!

Here is the best I could do for a map of Bethel.  The villages, Paul is assigned to are circled, though he does get sent to the others as well.  We will be doing 2 overnights a week.  Some of these places don't have running water.  Which means they use honey buckets (basically a "potty" bucket) or an outhouse.





Above & Left: The Yukon - Kuskokwim Delta HospitalDental & Vison part of the Hospital.  They only except 2 new appointments a day.  So waiting in line before they open is what is required to possibly get one of those appointments.  We have not experienced this, but friends have.  Also most Doctors work here for a few month rotation.  Pulling teeth instead of filling issues is a norm, so we have been told.

Our Recipes 2013



Cream of Celery Soup Mix
2 2/3 c instant powdered milk
½ c celery powder (from stalks and leaves, not seeds)
3 tbsp. arrowroot powder or cornstarch
3 tbsp. onion flakes
1 tbsp. dried, crushed parsley flakes
½ tsp. paprika
1 tsp. white pepper

Stir the ingredients together.  Divide the mixture in to individual packets, each containing 7 tbsp.  Place in zip lock bag, mark and secure.

Yield: about 7 packets, making 1 serving each

Cream of celery Soup
1 c water
1 packet of mix

In a small saucepan, whisk together water and soup mix.  Stirring frequently, simmer over medium-high heat, uncovered 15 minutes.

Yield: 1 serving

Cream of Potato Soup
1 c water
1 packet of mix
¼ c shredded raw potatoes

In a small saucepan, mix water, soup mix, and potatoes.  Stirring frequently, simmer soup, uncovered, over med-high heat about 15 minutes or until thick and bubbly.

Yield: 1 serving

Cream of Mushroom Soup
1 c water
1 packet of mix
3 tbsp. dried mushrooms
½ tsp. arrowroot powder or cornstarch

In small saucepan, mix all ingredients together.  Stirring frequently, simmer uncovered, at med-high heat about 20 minutes or until thick and creamy

Yield: 1 serving

Cream of Chicken Soup
1 c water
1 packet of mix
1 tbsp. dried mushrooms
¼ c diced, cooked chicken

In small saucepan, mix all ingredients together.  Stirring frequently, simmer uncovered at med-high heat about 20 minutes or until thick and creamy.

Yield: 1 serving

Cream of “something” soup
1 C non-Fat dry milk
¾ C cornstarch
¼ C Bouillon (any kind)
4 TBSP Freeze-dried minced onions
1 TSP dried Basil
1 TSP dried Thyme (or dried parsley)
1 TSP Pepper

1 Can of cream soup = 1/3 C dry mix and 1 ¼ C Hot water.  Mix together.


½ c minced onion
5 tbsp. chili powder
3 tbsp. dried oregano
3 tbsp. cornstarch
2 tbsp. dried basil
2 tbsp. crushed red pepper flakes
2 tbsp. garlic powder

Store in airtight container.  Use 1 ½ tbsp. of mix per lb. of meat.


1 part chili powder
1 part ground cumin
1 part garlic powder
1 part onion powder
¼ - ½ part crushed red pepper

Mix all together and store in airtight container.  2 tbsp. = 1 – 2 lbs. of meat.

½ c basil
½ c marjoram
½ c oregano
¼ c cut rosemary
¼ c thyme
2 tbsp. garlic powder

Place in airtight container and shake well.


2 tbsp. dried basil
2 tbsp. dried oregano
2 tbsp. dried thyme
2 tbsp. dried marjoram
1 tbsp. dried rosemary
1 tbsp. dried sage

Place in food processor until desired consistency is achieved.


¼ c black pepper
1 ½ c parsley flakes
½ c garlic salt
2 tbsp. kosher salt
¼ c granulated garlic
¾ c granulated onion
2 tbsp. dill weed

1.  Combine all ingredients, store in airtight container.  Makes about 3 ½ cups of dry mix.
2.  To make Dressing, whisk together 2 tbsp. of mix with 2 cups each of Mayo and buttermilk, 1 ½ cup sour cream, & 1 tsp. lemon juice.  Refrigerate for 2 hours.  Makes 1 ¾ Quarts

Tarter Sauce
½ C Mayo
1 TBSP Finely chopped green onions
1 tbsp. lemon juice
½ tsp. dill

Prepare & Chill!

BBQ Sauce
1 med. Onion, chopped
1 C ketchup
¼ C melted butter
¼ C light brown sugar
2 TBSP Cider vinegar
2 TBSP Worcestershire Sauce
1 TBSP prepared mustard
½ TSP salt
¼ TSP pepper

Mix and serve or marinate.

Peppered Steak Rub (6 servings)                AWESOME!!!!!
2-½ tsp. pepper
1 tbsp. thyme
1 ½ tsp. salt
4-½ tsp. garlic powder
1 ½ tsp. lemon pepper
1 ½ tsp. ground red pepper
1 ½ tsp. parsley
3 tbsp. olive oil
6- 1 ½” thick steaks  (we tried it with Moose steaks, very good!)
·      Combine 1st 7 ingredients.  Brush steaks with oil; rub with seasoning.  Cover and Chill 1 hr.

“House” Seasoning
1 C salt
¼ C black pepper
¼ C garlic powder

Store in shaker.  Great on meat, Chicken, and Fish.


1 C water
1 ½ tbsp. baby shampoo
1/8 tsp. oil (baby, coconut, olive)

Essential Oils (citronella and or lemongrass are a must) or cedar wood
14 oz. witch hazel
Spray bottle
Pour witch hazel into a glass jar then add oil (10-12 drops).  Put lid on the jar and shake until well mixed.  Label spray bottle, pour in.

2 tbsp. honey
1 tsp. baking soda
1 tbsp. almond oil
Combine and mix well.  Apply generously to heels, and then wear socks to sleep on.  Repeat 2-3 times a week.

16 oz.  Baby Lotion
8 oz.  Vaseline
8 oz. Vitamin E cream

Mix with a mixer until looks like icing.  Makes a lot.  Works wonderful.



2 teaspoons olive oil
1/2 teaspoon lemon essential oil
1/4 cup white vinegar
1-3/4 cups water
Spray bottle (16 oz. size or larger)

Mix the ingredients in the order listed into your clean spray bottle.  Shake well to mix. Spray onto wooden furniture and wipe off with a soft cloth to dust and clean the surface.

1 (4lb. 12 oz.) Borax
1 (3 lb. 7 oz.)  Super Washing Soda
1 (3 lb.) Oxy Clean
2 Bars Fels Naptha, grated
2 (2lb. boxes) Baking Soda

Mix.  1 TBSP per load for front loader.  2-3 TBSP per load for top loaders.

1 gal. Water
¼ C vinegar
2 TBSP lemon juice
Approx. 1 tbsp. liquid dish soap

Mix and store some, place some in a spray bottle.

WALL & FLOOR CLEANER (fine for wood)
1 C vinegar
1 gal. Hot water
1 tbsp. – ¼ C liquid soap (optional)
1-2 tbsp. pine oil, or lemon oil, or lavender oil (optional)

Mix vinegar with water and clean using mop or damp sponge.  For extra cleaning power, add liquid soap.  Add oil to condition unlamented floors.  IF you use liquid soap, follow cleaner with clean water mop.

12 oz. white vinegar
12 oz. liquid, blue dawn detergent

Yield: 3 Cups
Heat vinegar in microwave until hot, pour into squirt bottle.  Add Dawn soap.  Put lid on, shake gently to mix.  Just sprays, scrub, and rinse.

2 tbsp. Borax (no lumps)
2 tbsp. white vinegar
2 C hot water
A squirt of liquid dish washing soap
Spray bottle

Put 2 tbsp. of Borax in spray bottle.  Add the 2 tbsp. of vinegar.  Let it set 5 minutes to let the Borax dissolve.  Next pour 2 C of water into spray bottle.  Finally, add a squirt of dish soap.  Gently shake to mix.  * Can mix Borax and vinegar in small bowl first, to help dissolve.