Taken at -20. Not bad!

Sept. Scenery Pictures (4)

I really enjoy taking pictures. I like taking something plain and looking at it differently. Sometimes those turn out to be the best pictures. I have lots of opportunities for picture taking here.

Sept. 2011 (4) My sister visits

By chance, my sister had the opportunity to come in for a visit. The weather has held our for some beautiful weather. Here we are on the beach in Kenai.

The photo on the upper left is from the beach. You can see it has snowed a little bit lately (not on the ground here, but in the mountains). There is also a glacier there in the middle. Below is Mt. Redoubt. It is a volcano that is 53 miles from where we live.

Sept. 15, 2011

Simon lost one of his front teeth this morning.  It was just hanging there.  He could not eat anything, it was hanging on by a thread.  So I pulled it.  It bleed just a little because the tooth behind it was really pushing through.  I told him to rinse and spit, as he did that I rinsed off his tooth..... it slipped out of my hand and went down the drain.  I felt terrible!  He just looked at me and said.. "That's okay mom.  Will the tooth fairy still come?"  I said you bet buddy!!  He did not get upset at all.  What a sweet boy!!

September 2011 continue

I have updated our blog to date.  I have not been very good about it.  A lot going on...

Thinking back to this summer, my highlights, other than family and friends visiting,  would be whale watching, see bears fighting and climbing trees, learning to process salmon, and seeing salmon spawn.  We have learned so much and are excited to what we will learn in the future.  Everyday can be an adventure.  Just last week, there was an injured bear roaming about 1/2 mile from where we live.  It had smelled a caribou carcus someone had field dressed in their yard.  It charged a resident who happened to be an officer.  He shot it.  It was huge.  Definitely glad it was not me.  I really do not want to be in a position of opening the garage door and finding a bear in there.  YIKES!!  We do see moose, but never when we go looking for them.

Paul finished working in Cooper Landing the end of July.  It is nice to have him home on a regular basis.  Though it was great having a cabin on the lake to go to.  He also like the change in the calls he received.  He didn't get calls for dogs barking and little complaints.  He has also been to Kodiak for training.  We are trying to make plans to go back for fun.  We can take a ferry in Homer to Kodiak, takes 12 hours.  Of course faster to fly.  He got a call about 2 weeks ago for a DUI in a bush village, Tyonek.  He and another Trooper, chartered a flight.  It took 25 minutes to get there.  Tyonek is on the other side of Cook Inlet. Never a dull moment for an Alaska State Trooper.

The kids are enjoying having kids all around to play with.  Hunter attended Cub Scout camp for a week back in June.  He enjoyed it, but after a day or two he would have liked to come home.  Abby learned to ride her bike without training wheels.  She and the boys take off.  Simon is our helper.  He loved dip-netting with Paul and helping to cut off the fish heads.  He is always wanting to help Paul remodel our bathroom.  Olivia is very chatty.  She has been carrying on conversations for a while now.  She amazes me with how smart she is.  Always keeps us on our toes.

Simon and Abby experienced the wonderful care of our local hospital.  Both had bike accidents, at different times.  Simon internal bleeding.  Abby 5 stitches to her chin.  Both are doing great.

We are settling into our new home and new schedule with school and activities.  Never a dull moment!

September 2011 (WLCC)

We did a day trip back to the Wildlife Conservation. We enjoyed watching 7 bears, Musk Ox, and Caribou.

These are orphaned brother and sister. They were rescued in Palmer. We were about 10 feet away from them.

These 2 bears were so entertaining to watch. We were about 8 feet from where they were.

This is the same black bear that was stretching up against the tree from earlier pictures in the post.