Taken at -20. Not bad!

Moose in back yard

Homer cont. 4

This is Redoubt Mt.. We can see it better from where we live.

I just love Lighthouses.

Bald Eagle (If you could guess).

Moose in our front yard

Homer cont. 3

Homer cont.2

There is a glacier there in the middle.

Homer cont. 1

Summer 2010 Update-Pictures

Summer 2010 Update

Our computer has not allowed me to upload pictures until now. We have visited Homer twice with friends and family that have visited. A beautiful place to visit on a clear day with a walk on the beach and boardwalk. If it is overcast, you can not see the water or mountains at all. Everything just appears white. Most of the drive to Homer is on the edge of a bluff. If driving in Homer, it can be scary at times, Do Not Speed, you will overturn down the mountain and into the water, Speechless and breathtaking views though; definitely worth the "cautious" drive.

Paul has been working in Seward for the past month and has had more encounters with bears than people. He was chased by a black bear that had entered a building (someone left a door open). They took down the bear 4 feet from them after firing 9 shots. Black bears are generally timid and keep to themselves, unless threatened, with their cubs, around food. The second bear had been hit by a car. The brown bear was in someones yard and they had to shoot it. Poor thing! He was also seem Beluga Whales while driving back from Anchorage and Mountain goats on a search and rescue. In February, you will see him on NatGeo (National Geographic channel). Our very own Reality Star!!! He had a great time with the crew.

Other pictures are of "Bullwinkle", our new visitor. "L" says "Moo", now if I can get her to say< "Bear".