Taken at -20. Not bad!

Sledding below Zero 2011

We have had record lows this past week, this early into the season.  January is usually when we get these temperatures.  It reached -20 with strong winds.  Yesterday was -10 below, but we had to get out and get so sledding in.  Of course, we only lasted a couple runs before our noses, hands and toes were screaming for warmth.  We had a blast.  Sledding is our favorite family past time!

Quick trip to Anchorage 11-2011

My good friend, Stephanie, the girls and I drove up.  We stopped at the Wildlife Conservation in Girdwood.  She wanted to see bears.  This is the best place!!     The top picture was on our drive to Anchorage around sunrise, around 9:30.  Our Lowes closed so I had to make some returns for the bathroom things we ended up not using when Paul re-did our bathroom.  BIG pain!!  It snowed the whole way home.

Halloween 2011

Other than a few flurries the day before, the clouds just released a heavy snow fall yesterday morning.  Our good friends came over and the men took the kids treat-or-treating.  They started out walking, but it didn't take long before Paul came back for the van.  The kids would jump out and go to a few houses and get back in the van to van up and jump out again.  The cold and the snow did not stop anyone from enjoying the candy frenzy!!

Simon was an army man (I forgot to put on the face make-up). Hunter was Darth Vader.  Abby was Wonder Woman.  Olivia was a Care Bear (same as last year, she loved the costume).

On Saturday, the Boys and Girls Club in Kenai had a trunk-or-treat.  Olivia wanted to wear the horse costume.  She and I had a fun Mommy and Olivia time.  I definitely think this costume would have been warmer.  Kenai is always windy, because you are right next to Cook Inlet.