Taken at -20. Not bad!

Ice Skating 2011

Abby and Simon taking a shot at ice skating. Abby was not to keen with it, falling down really discouraged her. I don't blame her really. Simon was a master on the ice. As soon as his feet hit the ice, he would take off "running". He really loved it. He would make a great hockey player. He has a heart for speed and SLAMMING into the walls. I think he loved the loud noise it made, especially since everything echos in the rink.

Up Close n Personal Moose 3/2011

As I opened the for Abby, the other 3 were "ice skating" in the driveway, I heard something bump the fence behind me. SO GLAD I turned around. A calf had hopped the fence and was walking right toward me. Thinking it was safer for the kids to get inside the house, I step in front of the moose telling it to get back, like he is going to listen or something. By the time the kids and I got inside, the moose was on the front porch. Just for a second, I thought...Will he let me pet him? He was a curious moose calmly walking towards us. That was my adrenaline rush for the day. Crazy stuff. I'll try to post the pictures I took with my cell phone.