Taken at -20. Not bad!

May 20, 2010 Wildlife sightings

I am hoping to get some picture posted on here soon. My resourcces are lacking. Anyway, Paul is enjoying his training, everyday something new. Yesterday when coming back from lunch he saw an orca (whale, "free Willy") . Water spitting out of the ocean surface and 2 fins emerged. Unless he was swimming on his side, my guess is that there were 2 orcas, especially since they travel with their family. If that wasn't exciting enough, when he was done for the day and taking a break, they saw a brown bear. The bear got spooked and climbed a tree. Paul sent me a picture on my phone. The kids and I are so excited to experience Alaska with Paul. Now if only we could find an apartment/townhouse/house something with 4 walls a roof and heat. I have tried craigs list, I'll take any more suggestions.

May 18, 2010 Six week count down

We are at roughly 6 weeks until Paul returns home to help finalize things in Kentucky. We are looking at July 2nd as our fly out date. As far as I can tell Paul is enjoying his studies and definitely his surroundings. Out of 180 candidates selected, he is 1 of 5 that has made it to the academy. He is currently 2 out of 5 in his testing scores! Way to Babe!!!! We are proud of him and excited to embark on this adventure. Wish we were there, I hear Sitka is beautiful!

May 12, 2010 Catch up post

Well, let me get you up to speed. Paul left Saturday for Anchorage, Alaska. He is there for training with the Alaska State Police. This has been his dream for at least 10 years. Yesterday, he left for Sitka (500 + miles away, about a 3 hour flight). I will try to get a small map on here so you can see where I am talking about. We have been assigned to the Soldotna/Kenai Peninsula. Our big move is around July 1st.