Taken at -20. Not bad!

January 2011

It is snowing! We have not had snow since Dec.30th; To which we got 8-10 inches. We had some warm days, in the 40s. Which melted some snow, but turned right to ice. I would love to go walking, but the roads and sidewalks are covered in ice. I tried to walk to the boys school to pick them up. I ended up turning around to get the studs for my boots. Still too slippery.

Paul and Abby are going ice fishing at a near by lake today. Hopefully they will be able to catch some trout. It is below zero today (much like days past), but there is little wind, which makes a big difference. Hopefully they will be warm enough. The sun is rising around 10-10:30 and setting around 4:30-5. So you want to make the most of the daylight. Even though it is cold, some fresh air is good.

A new season of Alaska State Troopers started last Sunday on National Geographic channel. We have been enjoying seeing these other places. Paul enjoys looking for people he knows. He should be making his debut around the first of February.

I am having trouble uploading pictures. I will have a bunch posted as soon as possible.