Taken at -20. Not bad!

February 2012

Well, it is only the 5th.  Hunter and Simon started ski lessons.  The lessons were canceled for 2 weeks because they don't ski if it is below 0.  When I picked them up after their first lesson, they had ice sickles on their eye lashes.  They loved it!!!  I am looking forward to getting out there with them.

IN GOD'S PROTECTION:  On the 2nd, Paul and Abby were supposed to drive to Anchorage for Abby's doctors appointment.  The Day before, we had blizzard conditions with little visibility, knowing that the weather in the Pass is always worse than it is here, I debated whether or not to reschedule the appointment.  Abby really needed to be seen for issues with her throat, so I really struggled with it.

When I got home, I told Paul I had changed the appointment.  He said he would be fine and really wanted to get up there and back, just change it back, he said.  I really didn't think it was safe.  I felt God nudging my heart.  I am so glad he did.

The next day, the day they would have left, Paul got an email that there had been an avalanche.  The avalanche happened at 7:00 Thursday morning.  At the time they were planning on leaving, Paul and Abby would have been at the spot where the avalanche took place at the same time it collapsed.  It was 100 feet wide and 10 feet tall.  I feel so blessed that I listened to the nudge.

Temperatures are now in the 20's, you almost don't need a winter coat.  Heck, after so long with it being down to -25, a 40 degree jump, if it warms up another 20, we will want to pull out our summer clothes.  In the summer, we sometimes have days in the high 40's, it is usually raining.

Moose laying at foot of trees.
Kenai/Russian River in Cooper Landing

Kenai/Russian River, everything covered in ice.

Hunter started basketball.  He is the one wearing bright blue shorts.

I finished loom knitting my first hat.

Hunter done skiing, ready to warm up.  Temperatures dropped to -5 a few minutes after  their lessons started.

Hunter with ice sickles on his eye lashes.

Simon ......

Simon ready to go thaw out.

Simon with ice sickles on his lashes.

January 2012

Sorry this is behind!  Busy month....  This top picture is from a sledding hill at a local high school.  I thought the sun set was beautiful.  It was about -15 that night, we lasted about 20-30 minutes outside.  COLD!!

Simon's birthday cupcakes.  Happy 7th Birthday Simon!

We got together with friends and went sledding for Simon's birthday.  It was -8 degrees.  So much fun, then came inside to warm up.

warming up!!

Then of course, Simon had a friend party.. We went ice skating.  The girls are getting so much better....so am I.  We had a great time.  The temperatures have been as low as  -28 with not much warming above 0.  I really don't like the feeling of breathing in and my nose hair has ice sickles.  The kids play outside at school down to -10, but not as long.  At -20, you can be outside for 10 minutes before you start developing hypothermia.