Taken at -20. Not bad!

June 2013

The kids decided to surprise me by cleaning up the downstairs before church.  What a great surprise!

Abby hitting off the T to Olivia.

Simon and the girls were in Dance Camp.  The instructor came up from Eagle River, just outside Anchorage.  They were here for a week.  They all had a great time.  Hunter wants to do it next year.  Simon made some great friends.

Checking out the activity at the river.
Watching these people swim as some boats come in.
Simon went fishing for Hooligan or Smelt.
This is Simon with Hunter's friend, Simon.  You can only fish by net right now.  Simon is Faith's brother.  Faith is Abby's best friend.

We reached record highs, in the 90's for Bethel.  This is one of those AS SEEN ON TV screens.  Didn't last long before Max the cat and Grizzly the dog, jumped the gate.  Darn them!! It gets really warm and stuffy not being able to open the door.  We only have 1 window on the first floor.  The mosquitoes were HORRIBLE!!  We look like we have chicken pox.  We keep a burning coil outside the front door to HELP keep them away.  It does help.  Otherwise the mosquitos swarm the front door waiting to be let it.

Looking for the water pit.

We found it!!  Yes it was hot enough for about 2 weeks.


The boys and Abby had Art Camp last week.  They made masks out of clay, flowers out of plastic bottles, and painted dumpsters.

Abby and Olivia's T-Ball team.  Olivia feel asleep just before practice, so she missed.  They decided at the beginning of practice to take pictures.

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